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It’s no secret that I love Target, but this season has me even more obsessed with the store. Their Threshold and Nate Berkus fall home collections are amazing-they are full of plaids, mixed metals and fur. I have purchased more than I would like to admit for my own home and I have pulled together some of my favorites below so that you can too!

Target Round Up

1 Vases 2 Dinnerware Set 3 Taper Candleholders 4 Flatware 5 NB Ottoman 6 Candelabra 7 NB Throw 8 Lamp

Target Round Up

1 Faceted Lanterns 2 NB Dove Candleholder 3 NB Quail Candleholder 4 Wood + Brass Lamp 5 Brass Lamp 6 Hexagon Tray  7 NB Mirror  8 Accent Table 9 Task Lamp 10 NB Bird Dish 11 Lamp (this one appears to be unavailable now so check your local Target!)

I put together a few design boards that include a few of my favorite Target accessories. I’ve mixed the affordable target pieces with splurges from Lulu & Georgia and Serena & Lily. Follow the links below to get the looks! Target is also having a 10% off sale right now if you use the code FALL10-so head on over and shop your heart out!


Design Board

Art, Lamps, End Tables, Sofa, Rug, Coffee Table, Stool, Fur Pillow, Silver Pillow, Candleholders

Design Board


Art, Lamps, Console, Stools, Wallpaper, Light Pendant, Dining Table, Dining Chair, Vases, Flatware, Napkins, Dinnerware Set, Brass Cups, Brass Utensils


Introducing new e-design services! Check out the e-design of Lauren’s studio apartment below and use the contact link above to inquire about the new e-design pricing and options!

Lauren is a friend of mine who recently moved into a studio apartment in New York. We started the e-design process by assessing what the space would be used for. Since it is a studio the answer was everything – sleeping, eating, entertaining. Once we established the way the room would function we moved on to the aesthetic of the space. She described her style as minimalistic, industrial and raw and wanted her living space to be loft-like, open and cool. She wanted to stay away from dark colors and anything girly although she was open to a pop of color. Lauren’s budget for the room was $2000.

I took all of this information and came up with an inspiration board and 2 design options for her to choose from.

Lauren's Studio Design Boards


Lauren's Studio Design Boards



Lauren's Studio Design Boards


I gave Lauren a completely neutral option and an option that offered a pop of color. She ultimately decided on option 1 which came in at $1679 before taxes and shipping charges! Scroll down to find sources for all of the pieces that make up the option 1 design board!

Lauren's Studio - Option 1


1 Watercolor Prints

These prints are actually just one print hung in opposite directions. Since this is a printable file from Etsy you can print it twice once you purchase it, making this a really affordable art option!

2 Sofa – Existing

3 Calabozo Pouf

This jute pouf provides extra seating in a small space that needs it. The jute also adds a touch of rustic and rawness that Lauren wanted to incorporate into her space.

4 Hourglass End Table

This black metal table is dramatic and offers an industrial perch for some extra lighting.

5 Element Coffee Table

Nothing says industrial like concrete. This coffee table will also double as a dining table so the concrete should hold up nicely!

6 X Pillow

The black accent on this pillow pairs well with the end table and black frames above the couch.

7 Austin Pillow

An ode to Lauren’s hometown, this pillow adds a personal touch to her space.

8 Desk Lamp

This lamp is a cool take on your typical desk lamp and adds some extra lighting to the space.

9 Rug

A light colored rug will lighten the space and since this one is slightly shaggy it will help to make the space feel cozy.

10 White Drapery

Floor to ceiling drapery along the whole window wall will make a dramatic statement and will help block light and provide privacy.

11 Cowhide Rug – Existing

12 Picture Ledge Wall

These shelves provide a perfect spot to collect all of Lauren’s favorite things!

13 DIY Raw Wood Headboard

This may be one of the easiest and most impactful DIYs ever. You just need four 12” x 8’ boards cut down to the length of your choice. Attach them to the wall, one on top of the other, and you have a floating raw wood headboard.

14 Pleated Diamonds Pillow

Toss two of these on the bed to add great texture to simple bedding.

15 Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Every space feels instantly more inviting when you bring a little of the outdoors in! Plant one in the basket below and you have the perfect piece for an awkward corner.

16 Gray & White Basket

This basket makes a perfect planter for the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree. Plus it comes as a set of 3 so you will have extra for storage – bonus!

17 Sheepskin

I love a good sheepskin. Drape one over the arm of the couch or on the foot of the bed to add another layer of texture and warmth.

18 White Duvet Set

White bedding keeps the space light and airy and allows the amazing headboard and concrete coffee table to stand out in the room.


Fall is quickly approaching, and with the changing of seasons comes a wonderful reason to do a little redecorating. Just a few tweaks to your existing home décor can transition your home into the current season. Use fur, plaid, warm metals and colors like brass and burgundy, stoneware and wood throughout your space. You’ll add layers of texture and interest while making your home fall-ready. Check out my recommendations below to bring your home into the fall season this year.

Fall Decor

Plaid Throw, Brass Taper Candleholders, Velvet Throw Pillow, Woven Throw Pillow, Wood Bowls, Wood Serving Bowl, Candelabra, Dapper Animal Plates, Stoneware Mug, Faux-Fur Throw, Birch Print

Fall is one of my favorite seasons because it involves making your home cozy and warm. Adding candles like the candelabra above adds a subtle glow (literally) to your home – plus it allows those of us without a fireplace to fake it through the cooler months! Wooden bowls and stoneware mugs add an autumn touch to your tabletop and the quirky animal plates are sure to be a talking point at all of your fall dinner parties. Change out some of your art with prints that include warmer colors and fall vibes.

Now go grab a stoneware mug, curl up under a fur blanket in front of your fireplace (or candelabra) and enjoy the changing of seasons!


The chairs that we currently have at our desk are awesome, they are one of my favorite thrifting finds. I bought them a few years ago for $10 at Habitat for Humanity ReStore and my only complaint is that they aren’t very comfortable.

Current Chair

Since we have ended up using the desk space a lot more than I expected, we could really use chairs that offer a little more comfort. I have rounded up some of my favorite options below. Follow the links below to check them out for yourself!

Desk Chair Round Up

1 Threshold Windsor Dining Chair

2 Harlow Wing Backed Chair

3 Rattan Flynn Hairpin Chairs

4 John Vogel Teak Dining Chair

5 Carolina Ladder Back Side Chair

6 Threshold Brookline Tufted Chair

Chalkboard Wall

Do you have a wall in your house that seems impossible to decorate? We definitely do. When you walk into our house and up the stairs to the main living space, you walk directly into it. It houses a closet door, thermostat, doorbell speaker and alarm speaker. All of these random items on the wall leave no space for art or anything pretty.


Kyle came up with the idea to paint it with chalkboard paint, and I think it was the perfect solution! Now the whole wall is a piece of art. We also painted with a magnetic primer so the wall is both magnetic and chalkboard—so many possibilities! Now I just need to find a pretty stencil (or someone with awesome handwriting) to make the wall look cool, like this.






We used Rustoleum chalkboard paint & magnetic primer and we Kyle applied so many coats that I lost track….patience is definitely required for this project!

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