Instagram is full of beautiful images and a total overload of inspiration. It is so easy to get sucked into an hour long daydream as you scroll mindlessly through the images of pretty food, travel and stylish people. I thought it would be nice to actually do something with all those pretty photos floating around in Instagram space, so below you will find the first Insta Inspo post! I took a photo from Tessa Neustadt’s Instagram and designed a room inspired by it. Tessa is an amazing photographer who I have a major girl crush on – go check out her profile and amazing print shop. You will find her photo, the design board and product links below!


Insta Inspiration

I love the unexpected pops of primary colors here, which surprises me. I am a huge fan of everything neutral but when you add small pops of color like this you end up with a fun factor that you just don’t get with an all neutral space.


Insta Inspo




Insta Inspo

Stool | Zest Print | Lamp | Side Table | Sofa | Coffee Table | Vase | Pillow | Red Pillow | Vase | Chair

I’ll be back soon with more Insta Inspo!

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